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Universidade Lusófona

II Forum: Portugal Against Violence

On November 25th, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Carla Cerqueira (PI of the research project “FEMglocal - Glocal feminist movements: interactions and contradictions”, financed by the Foundation for Science and Technology - PTDC/COM-CSS/4049/2021) participated in the II Forum: Portugal Against Violence [II Forum: Portugal Contra a Violência]. In a panel with Filipe Pinto, Paula Cosme Pinto, Simão Freitas, and Teresa Morais moderated by Ana Guedes Rodrigues, the participants discussed how domestic violence could be prevented and fought. The power news might have in changing society and mentalities were also discussed, leading to an interesting and inspiring talk.

Carla Cerqueira II Forum1 Ana Pereira1


Carla Cerqueira II Forum1 Ana Pereira2


  • published 02 December 2022
  • modified 03 October 2023