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FEM-ABLE kick-off meeting in Nicosia

The equal participation and representation of women and men in political decision-making is increasingly becoming an issue on the political and social agenda of European democracies. Aware of this important phenomenon and of the ways to contribute to its effective implementation, CICANT is coordinating the FEM-ABLE project - Promoting women's participation in the political domain, under the financing of the European CERV Programme. 

March 23 and 24 were the days chosen to kick off this project in the city of Nicosia, Cyprus, with at least one representative from each of the partner entities, namely SOCIALINIU INOVACIJU FONDAS - Lithuania, Women Do Business - Greece, CESIE - Italy, ASSOCIACIO LA XIXA TEATRE - Spain, CSI Cyprus, REGION VASTERBOTTEN, Sweden, having participated in this moment. 

This project envisions to: map national strategies for the promotion of gender equality and equal representation of women and men in political decision-making and the correlation between these strategies and voters' behavior towards gender equality; develop national strategies that can contribute to promote gender equality in political decision-making; ensure the engagement with the national bodies of local political parties and raise their awareness on this issue and organize media strategies to be used during key electoral moments.


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