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Results from FCT’s call for projects in all scientific domains are out and CICANT is at the top!

We’re very happy to announce that 3 out of the 4 proposals in the field of Media and Communication that received a recommendation for funding in the last FCT call for research projects in all domains, are promoted and led by CICANT researchers. 

For the next 3 years Carla Cerqueira and Célia Taborda Silva will be busy with their proposal “Glocal feminist movements: interactions and contradictions”, Maria José Brites will be researching the link between young people, news and digital citizenship with project “YouNDigital” and Victor Flores will be letting us know more about Iberian cosmoramas with the project “Curiositas: Peeping Before Virtual Reality. A Media Archaeology of Immersion Through VR and the Iberian Cosmoramas”.

In a year of, again, strong competition under the Media and Communication strand – 45 eligible proposals and only 4 selected - we have to commend our researchers but also the FCT evaluation panelist for the selection of such diverse, interesting, and up to date topics. These results also confirm CICANT's leading national role in the area of media and communication research.



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