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Call for proposals MelCi Lab Autumn School
“Science bootcamp to improve research hands-on skills”

Short description

The Media Literacy and Civic Cultures (MeLCi Lab) Autumn School “Science bootcamp to improve research hands-on skills”, to be held 24th to 29th November 2021, aims to capacitate PhD students with a set of hands-on research skills that help them in their projects, supporting their professional development. By adopting an integrative and multidisciplinary approach, the School will bring together several scholars for a set of workshops and communications to foster research skills related to scientific writing and innovative methodologies. We will address topics about civic engagement, arts-based research, participation, citizen science, datafication, and ethics research. Moreover, the school also intends to be a space for the production of tangible outcomes, through its “72h Paper Development Marathon”. MeLCi Autumn School intends to be an inclusive space, and three equity grants will be available for students from underrepresented communities. The school will be held in English.

Call for proposals deadline

24th of September 2021
See details about how to submit a proposal at the bottom of this page





  1. Communicating Research: Writing, Filming, Disseminating
    1. Different types of scientific writing (mainly focusing abstracts and papers)
    2. Innovative approaches to communicate research
  2. Innovative Methodologies
    1. Big data & Qualitative data
    2. Arts-based research and civic participation
    3. Citizen science


  1. Participation and Digital Citizenship
  2. Participation in the Datafied Society
  3. Intersectionality and Activism(s)
  4. Ethics in research


  • 24th - 29th November - MeLCi Autumn School
  • 27th - 29th November - “72h Paper Development Marathon” (This is an optional activity supported by the school to enable students to put new skills into pratice by engaging in the production of a paer's main results. More details soon)

MeLCi Lab Autumn School Schedule

Times are in WET24/11/2021 Wednesday25/11/2021 Thursday26/11/2021 Friday
9h00-10h45 Welcome session Scientific Writing Workshop Rita Grácio and Manuel Pita, CICANT Workshop "Beyond the written text: using video to communicate academic research" Célia Quico, CICANT Scientific Writing Workshop Rita Grácio and Manuel Pita, CICANT
10h45 - 11h00 Break
11h00-12h45 Scientific Writing Workshop Rita Grácio and Manuel Pita, CICANT Workshop "Beyond the written text: using video to communicate academic research" Célia Quico, CICANT Capturing everyday engagements with algorithms Emiliano Treré, Cardiff University
12h45 - 14h00 Lunch
14h00-15h45 Innovative Methodologies Workshop Teresa Sofia Castro and Maria José Brites, ICNOVA and CICANT Innovative Methodologies Workshop Maria José Brites and Teresa Sofia Castro, CICANT and ICNOVA Doing Text in the Third Space Julian McDougall, Bournemouth University
15h45 - 16h00 Break
16h-18h Arts-based research in media and communication, Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt Keynote Presentation “Data Ethics and Ethical AI: Key Issues and Approaches, Kaśka Porayska-Pomsta” Kaska Porayska-Pomsta, UCL Knowledge Lab Kick-Off of the initiative “72h Paper Development Marathon”

On Monday (29/11/2021), students will have a follow-up session with the tutors of the “72h Paper Development Marathon” (14h-17h), and after it a Closing Session will be held (17h-17h45).


  • A Call for proposals (deadline 24th of september 2021)
  • Submission of Curriculum Vitae (including scientific publications and activities), a motivation letter, a thesis summary, research questions, and methodologies
  • Indication of theme and subtheme MelCi Lab Autumn School (check the list above)
  • Please email your proposal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


PhD Students

Maximum number of participants

20 students

Fee *

  • Lusófona University, CICANT PhD Students 60 euros
  • PhD students from other Institutions 90 euros

* The three best students will not pay the fee; three Equity Scholarships to support the fee will also be awarded (more details to be published soon)

School Publication

Special issue in the journal Observatorio
Obs* : http://obs.obercom.pt/index.php/obs (more details on the special issue soon)

Keynote Speakers


Emiliano Treré


Julian McDougall


Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt


Kaska Porayska-Pomsta


Carla Cerqueira

Profile | CienciaVitae | ORCID

Célia Quico

Profile | CienciaVitae | ORCID

Daniel Cardoso

Profile | CienciaVitae | ORCID

José Gomes Pinto

Profile | CienciaVitae | ORCID

Manuel Marques-Pita

Profile | CienciaVitae | ORCID

Maria José Brites

Profile | CienciaVitae | ORCID

Patrícia Brás

Profile | CienciaVitae | ORCID

Raquel Castro

Profile | CienciaVitae | ORCID

Rita Grácio

Profile | CienciaVitae | ORCID

Sofia Caldeira

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